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【参加者募集/オンライン】11月13日(土): 対話の実験室 in YONAOSHI-Remake the World 世直しー社会を変えてもええじゃないか!

Wake Up Japanでは、毎月行っているオンラインイベント、対話の実験室をスピンオフ企画として、11月13日(土)に開催されるYONAOSHI-Remake the World 世直しー社会を変えてもええじゃないか!(国際日本学会)内の分科会にて、2つのワークショップを実施します。



日時 2021年11月13日(土)10:00-18:00

場所 オンライン(Zoom)

費用 無料

言語 英語

【Wake Up Japan実施ワークショップ情報】

Activism1: Dialogue Lab -Bystander, Upstander and Performative Allyship-

時間 15:00-15:55

場所 Yellow BREAKOUT Room (Zoom内)

Activism2: Dialogue Lab-How do we take part in social movements in Japan?-Commons and differences on the strategy, goal, communication and mobilization -

時間 16:00-16:55

場所 Yellow BREAKOUT Room (Zoom内)






OPENING REMARKS (10:15-10:25)

SESSION I (10:30-11:25)

i. (green room) Who are you? “Know your true sexuality and change your attitude”

ii. (blue room) Herstory of “Comfort Women” Across the Asia-Pacific Women’s Voices and My Interviews

iii. (red room) Soldiers & Sex Workers Resisting militarized and sexual violence in Okinawa

iv.(yellow room) Indigenous People and Saving the World

SESSION II (11:30-12:25)

i. (green room) Environment and Human Life: How Rich Countries are Taking from Poor Countries the Chance to Develop

ii. (blue room) The Responsibility to Protect Okinawan Women

iii. (red room) Gendered History, women's history and feminist history in Japan

iv. (yellow room) Attention! to the 2 “S”s Sex Trade & Subaltern Women’s History in Japan

v. (orange room) AMNESTY: Framing the climate crisis as a human rights issue: Why telling our stories is important!



Dr. Charles Chi-wai CHEUNG, Hong Kong Baptist University

How has Japan's Kawaii Culture

Transformed our world?

Session III (14:00-14:55)

i. (green room) Racism in Disney Let’s Uncover Our Racial Bias through Movies

ii. (blue room) VOICES The truth of the U.S. military bases problem in Okinawa

iii. (red room) Corporate Smokescreens Evaluate your complicit role as consumers in contributing to environmental and social issues.

iv. (yellow room) Uneven effect of Globalization

Session IV (15:00-15:55)

i. (green room) Climate Refugees in Bangladesh and America Save the climate, save refugees and save ourselves. It’s our planet, our future.

ii. (blue room) Politics of Identity

iii. (red room) Uses and Abuses of Media Learn how the media deprives us of our freedom

iv. (yellow room) Activism1: Dialogue Lab - Bystander, Upstander and Performative Allyship-

Session V (16:00-16:55)

i. (green room) Of Apathy and Negligence: Okinawan and Lumad Indigeneity

ii. (blue room) Can you speak up on seeing sexual violence?

iii. (red room) Democracy and Resistance: The Stories of People Who are Forbidden to Speak up

iv. (yellow room) Activism2: Dialogue Lab -How do we take part in social movements in Japan? - Commons and differences on the strategy, goal, communication and mobilization


Shinako OYAKAWA, Okinawa University

Militarization and Democracy in Okinawa


Jinshiro MOTOYAMA, Hitotsubashi University

US Military Base Problem in Okinawa



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